Moisture ControlCrawlspace moisture affects your health and the stability of your home

Moisture can cause damage to the structure of your home from minor damage like peeling paint to major damage such as rotting, crumbling floor joist. More than $1 billion in damages happen to homes annually. Controlling crawlspace moisture can reduce the cost of damage and eliminate the risk of structural loss.
- North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

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Crawlspace Moisture Control

Crawlspace moisture affects your health and the stability of your home.

Let us help you protect your home from structural damage, mold and mildew with a customized plan. Our modifications are in accordance with the EPA's Indoor Air Plus guidelines for improved indoor air quality. From vapor barriers to complete crawlspace encapsulation and everything in between, we have the solution level right for you and your budget.


The Crawl Space Blues

The crawl space is not an area where many homeowners dare to venture. It is often dark, damp and cold—uninviting, to say the least. If left “unfinished,” this seldom-visited underbelly of the home can reduce the indoor air quality of the living areas above, cause moisture-related problems to the structure of the home and increase utility costs.

Crawl Space Moisture Problems

Mold and mildew growth

A damp environment is very unhealthy and destructive. Mold thrives and reproduces by producing airborne spores by the millions, some of which are toxic.

High humidity

High humidity is absorbed into the wood structure and moves upward into the hardwood floors which causes the floors to "cup". Cupping is when the hardwood floor absorbs so much moisture the wood swells and pushes upward at its edges.

Structural damage

Rot and decay occur in damp environments causing structural damage.

Higher energy costs

Heating and cooling costs are higher in a home with a vented dirt crawl space.

Insects and critters

Insects and critters of all kinds love damp environments and wet materials.